Rashford appears on the cover of British vogue magazines as one of the leading Activist.

The Manchester United forward is among the 20 leading inspirational figures leading for a positive change around the world not just in sports and England but extended globally.

Despite the wave of the pandemic, 2020 turnout to be a revolutionary year, with black lives matter a global trend that has become even more vocal to tackle and educate the world on the need to treat every one equal regardless of the color of their skin.

Marcus Rashford in March raised another important issue that the world forgot existed, and that is Poverty and Hunger. FareShare, a poverty and food waste charity collaborated to raise a sum of £20 million to keep school meals going during the lock for manchester, Nation wide. The manchester united has used his share of blessing through playing school to blessed those with less privilege. He also went forward to share that he was once in this situation where his mum had struggled to put food on the table. No one should go hungry just because you are not born from a rich family.

Vogue September 2020 Magazine will now have Marcus Rashford and activist/founder of @gurlstalk Adwoa Aboah as the cover of their magazine as they continue to use their platform to bring positive changes around the world.